I would just like to post this in response to the photoset and gifs I posted earlier today from Armageddon Dunedin 2013 on the 2nd of March.
Dean O’Gorman used his own phone to check on his name tag on Tumblr. As I say, it was not my idea, nor ever my intentions for him to be put into that situation, which was no doubt embarrassing, awkward and upsetting for him.
He handled it, however, very kindly, just showing how wonderful a person he is.

If you would like to talk to me about it, I will openly answer all questions you have, and if you are angry with me or my friends or anyone who was involved with this situation, I will not hold it against you to openly tell me so. I ask, though, that you respect Dean in this whole thing as he is a wonderful person.

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    Dear Dean, welcome to being famous in the age of the internet.
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